.Calm Team Example

Dr. Andrew Matthew

– The Health Psychology Clinic in Toronto.

The Health Psychology Clinic is a practice of professional mental health providers who are experts in helping individuals and their families deal with emotional and psychological issues arising from the diagnosis and treatment of serious illness. They have considerable experience helping people cope with many diseases and chronic conditions such as Cancer, Cardiovascular Disease, Auto- Immune Disorders and Chronic Conditions.

In the process of doing a Crash Test for a client who was the President of a company, we identified a crack in his company’s benefit plan in terms of funding a potential health care emergency. This funding gap was addressed by establishing his own Critical Illness coverage. Shortly afterwards, he was diagnosed with cancer. The lump sum of cash from the insurance company removed the stress of the financial implications of his condition and Dr. Andrew Matthew worked with him in a practical, personal way to develop a way to cope with his illness and to move forward and improve his life.

In addition to services provided by organizations like Wellspring or The Health Psychology Clinic, we use the ideas of many specialists and authors to provide insight, context and practical strategies for our clients who are going through various stages of transition in their personal or professional lives. Examples of this would be Dr. Ken Dychtwald ( Successful Aging), Richard Leider ( Life Coaching and Career Planning) or  George Stalk ( a BCG senior advisor, specializing in Strategy and Succession Planning).