.Calm Team

KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON can be easier said than done

Keep calm and carry on2

That’s why we have our .Calm Team – a value-added concierge service of expert specialists who provide wisdom and objective advice on demand.

Handling the money side of contingency planning for unexpected crises like critical illness, death, retirement, job loss or marriage breakdown is the relatively easy part, which we address with the insurance funding that is our core product.  Our Crash Test process is a proven tool for determining what insurance and other financial resources must be in place to carry on in the event of an emergency.

Compared to financial concerns, we believe it is equally important to address one’s capacity for dealing with the mental, emotional and spiritual disruption that usually accompanies the loss of a healthy state of life.

In our experience, it is often the highly successful, action oriented, independent minded people who struggle most with adjusting to the new reality of a significant loss.  A business owner or executive, for example – someone used to calling the shots – could struggle with being dependent upon others for advice and support when dealing with an incapacitating illness.

We encourage our clients to think about the type of support team they would need to get through a life crisis.  Ensuring that your spouse and family have an effective working relationship with your accountant, lawyer, insurance and investment advisors is an important first step.  An essential ingredient of an effective, integrated planning system is that members of your advisory team know and trust each other so they can work collaboratively and efficiently under stressful conditions.

However, the ability to Keep Calm and Carry On requires another level of support.  It is an added-value concierge service that we call our .Calm Team.

Our .Calm Team is a network of highly skilled and respected specialists that we have assembled over the past 40 years – that we can call on if a client needs their ideas or services in order to Keep Calm and Carry On.  The Team provides wisdom and objective advice on demand.  It is not intended to replace members of your family or professional team, but is available as an added-value concierge service to address any gaps that may appear.

Our long term and close relationships with the people who comprise our .Calm Team that include highly capable doctors, counsellors, therapists, accountants, lawyers, investment advisors and many others enhance the value of the insurance products and strategies we offer.

Our goal is to help you Design a System so you and your family can Keep Calm and Carry On in Life. Money + Insight on a timely basis can be a catalyst for healing and recovery.