The Crash Test

What would happen to you and your family in the event of a crisis?

Have you tested your financial backup system and your support team to determine your readiness in the event of a crisis?

Our interactive financial modeling process is a highly time efficient and effective tool.  It gives you and your family the feedback you need to make informed decisions about your strategy – about what you will need to Keep Calm and Carry On – and about the  skills your advisors will need to achieve your life and financial objectives.

We call it our Crash Test.

First,  we have a discovery session in which we capture this key information:

• Where are you now?
• Where are you going?
• What do you have and how are you using it?
• Is your existing support team ready for your future?

In the feedback session, we walk you through a Crash Test simulation of your current operating system. It is interactive and done in real time so the process surfaces any latent goals or concerns, false assumptions or operational flaws that may have previously gone undetected in your planning with your advisors.

Alternative scenarios can be explored on the spot, avoiding the time and expense of scheduling endless meetings to reach a conclusion. Our goal is to facilitate creative thinking and give you quick access to the ideas, products and advisors that you need to pack your own parachute for the future.

Why Life Design Systems?

Our Crash Test is an inside out process.  It gives you the ability to walk through your future and determine what makes the most sense to you.  Which brings us back to the name of our company – Life Design Systems.

Our goal with each client is to help you identify what is most important to you in your Life and then to Design a System that will increase the probability of achieving it.