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Reading List: The Psychology of Money, by Morgan Housel

August 12, 2022

A great read on the fundamentals of money management: spend less than you make start saving early look for set and forget investments (and then actually set and forget them) I’ll reach out to Morgan to see if wants help with the follow up book, The Psychology of Insurance

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What to do when your adviser retires — just as you are heading into retirement, too

February 22, 2018

If you find yourself nearing retirement and suddenly having to find new service providers, ie., financial advisor, doctor, or dentist, there are a number of areas you should consider when choosing a new provider. Your needs may have changed from when you first started working with these service providers and it is worthwhile to consider these changes before starting out with someone new so you can ensure that the fit is appropriate. The article examines the areas you should consider and provides a few questions to ask yourself during the process.

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Once you hit 60, it’s time to take ‘carpe diem’ seriously

December 24, 2015

While life expectancy has increased over the years, the article explains that those increased living years are not necessarily healthy living years. The odds have increased over recent years that most people over 50 will incur a critical illness of some description that will affect the way they live out their remaining years. The author explains that the rise in the risk of death or critical illness as we get older has increased significantly. The upward trend in the risk seems to be related to healthstyle choices that are being made.

Making better health choices, eating properly, exercising, may help to increase your life expectancy and may help to increase the number of years you spend in a disability-free lifestyle after retirement.

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